You are fascinated by weather in all its forms and the expectation to go out into nature to document the sky makes your heart beat faster? Then you have come to the right place! As an ambitious or professional weather photographer, your approach is to instill the transient with permanence and to illuminate such unique natural phenomena technically high-grade – then we are looking for you!


Creating worldwide unique, memorable images requires dedication, unyielding patience, technical and applicable knowledge as well as talent. As photographers among photographers also being an image agency we have a great responsibility for a change in the market towards a fair and sustainable creative industry for artists and customers. Therefore our photographers get a REVENUE SHARE OF UP TO 60%.


Together we can build a worldwide unique, long-lasting and personal network. Besides the active commercialization of your works we also share photography and business related knowledge with each other or develop joint, innovative projects beyond the agency context.



  • DIRECT SELLING: Via the universal and special image agencies operated by us, e.g. Novarc Images, Landscape Visuals and allweatherscapes, we sell your images directly to our extensive customer base in the advertising and publishing industry. Depending on the subject, your images can appear simultaneously in several of our agencies. If we sell a picture on one of our platforms, then of course the fee will not be shared again between the agencies. This means that no matter on which of our own agencies a picture is licensed, you always get your contractually agreed fee rate. In addition, each of our agencies has its own channel on the Picturemaxx network, the world's leading media network.


  • PREMIUM PARTNER NETWORK: Furthermore, we distribute your images through our extensive network of leading international partner agencies.


  • SALES REPORTS: You get transparent reporting and regular payment.


  • PHOTOGRAPHERS AREA: Exclusively for our photographers you get access to our sphere of knowledge with up-to-date information from science and scene, so that you can correctly determine the phenomena that you’ve spotted, as well as hints for motifs, rare captures, tutorials and other information.



For your information, we have summarized everything worth knowing in a PDF document for you:





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