Worldwide unique weather photographs

Exclusively for your project we offer a unique collection of weather phenomena, atmospheric optics and natural forces of the Earth.



A hand-picked selection and scientific preparation of our collection is very important to us. This way, our photographers are regularly informed about current, natural science topics and are familiarized with the phenomena they photograph. Every single image undergoes a four-eyes-principle check to meet our customers’ high-quality demands.


Weather phenomena are unique documents of nature and usually can only be seen for a short moment of time. To prevent competitors from using your images you can choose an exclusive license agreement for all of our images. We then clarify for you rights in advance and reserve the image for the desired usage.


From photographers for photographers – that’s our motto! We want to build a long lasting relationship with our photographers and reward them for their creative achievements. Therefore they get a fee up to 100%. Together we can change things!


You need a damage documentation from a current storm for insurance or are you looking for archival pictures of a past weather and natural event for your magazine? Take advantage of a large network of photographers. We will be looking for the most meaningful pictures for you.